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Enhance Your Fleet with Professional Cleaning Services

Maintain a Professional Image

A clean fleet enhances your company's professional appearance, leaving a positive impression on clients and customers.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Regular cleaning helps reduce maintenance expenses by up to 25%, preventing damage caused by dirt, grime, and corrosive substances

Boost Driver Morale

A clean and comfortable environment promotes a positive working atmosphere, improving driver satisfaction and productivity.

Fleet Services

Professional Trailer Washouts

"Assurance of a safe and sanitary transportation process."
Truck Washing
Raptor Detail Company Fleets
Interior Cleaning

Basic Detail

  • Trash Removal 

  • Thorough vacuum

  • Wipe down of dash and instrument panels

  • Streak free windows 

Full Detail

  • Trash removal

  • Thorough vacuum

  • Steam cleaning 

  • UV protectant 

  • Wash floors and floor mats 

  • Clean door jams

  • Interior Vacuuming and shampooing 

  • Stain Treatment 

  • Clean headliner 

  • Sanitize dashboard, cup holders and vents

Trailer Washouts
  • Sweep debris

  •  Pressure wash floor and walls with soap

Exterior Cleaning

Maintenance Wash

  • Pre rinse

  •  Two-Step touchless Wash

  •  Spraying frame rails to remove dirt and grease

Full Detail

  • Pre rinse then two step soap process

  •  Hand wash with micro fiber pads (safe on paint)

  • Hand wash wheels and tires 
    Apply tire shine

  • Spray frame rails to remove dirt and grease

  • Clean and grease 5th wheel

  • Clean and shine windows

  • Exterior cleaning and washing truck

  • Tire shine

  • Detail engine 

  • Headlight restoration 

  • Apply wax

Ready to care for your cars?
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